March 01

Welcome to the Admin Law Blog!

Welcome to the Admin Law Blog! This is a forum for the discussion of ideas and developments of interest to scholars of administrative law across the common law world. It aims to connect administrative law scholars to each other and to contribute to the growing field of comparative administrative law. The blog is edited by […]

March 29

Alison Young: Efficiency v Equality

Judicial review is essential component of the rule of law. When governmental officials act beyond the scope of their powers, or harm rights, individuals can go to court and receive an appropriate remedy. Justice, however, is not cheap; especially in the United Kingdom. However, if judicial review provides you with an appropriate remedy, you may […]

March 23

Gautam Bhatia: Executive Legislation and the Separation of Powers in India

Gautam Bhatia is a practicing lawyer in Delhi. He also teaches at the National University of Juridical Sciences. He blogs at Indian Constitutional Law and Philosophy.

March 20

Thomas Adams: A Puzzle from Anisminic

Thomas Adams is a Research Fellow in Law at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. His interests include jurisprudence, with a particular focus on issues relating to method and social ontology, as well as theoretical aspects of public law.

March 16

Separation of Powers and the Scope of Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions

Peter Cane is Senior Research Fellow at Christ’s College, Cambridge.

March 09

Administrative Law Digest

This post contains a roundup of recent developments (in and out of courts) and scholarship in the area of administrative law around the common law world. To submit content for our next update, please email us at

March 06

‘Red-lighting’ the Separation of Powers in Singapore: Recent Extensions in the Scope of Judicial Review of Executive Action

Swati Jhaveri is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law at the National University of Singapore. Her areas of research include constitutional and administrative law, and she has published in these areas in Public Law, the Tort Law Review and the International Journal of Constitutional Law.

March 03

Voidness and Voidability

Paul Daly is University Senior Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Cambridge and the Derek Bowett Fellow in Law at Queens’ College, Cambridge. He maintains Administrative Law Matters, and his award-winning scholarship in public law is frequently cited by leading academic journals and the Courts.