February 13

Santanu Sabhapandit: Judicial Review of Administrative Action ‐ Beyond the long shadow of Fundamental Rights

There are strong linkages between administrative law and constitutional law in India. The Constitution is the source not only of the jurisdiction of the courts to conduct judicial review (See Article 32 and Article 226) but also of some of the principles of reviewing administrative action, as the judiciary has traced certain administrative law principles […]

January 24

Amy Semet: How Should Agencies Interpret Statutes?

How should administrative agencies interpret the statutes that they are charged to interpret? In my research, forthcoming in an article in Minnesota Law Review this spring that contributes to the growing body of literature empirically examining the administrative state, I examine how one specific U.S. administrative agency—the National Labor Relations Board—interprets the National Labor Relations […]

January 17

Joanna Bell: Administrative Blunders & Judicial Review: Analysing the UKSC Decision in Gallaher v Competition & Markets Authority

Administrative bodies such as the UK’s Office of Fair Trading (‘OFT’) (now the Competition and Markets Authority) are sometimes required to undertake investigations into alleged wrongdoing by groups of individuals or companies. If, in the course of the investigation, an administrative blunder occurs the effect of which is to put one of those individuals or […]

January 11

Joe Tomlinson and Byron Karmeba: No Deal, No Appeal: A Case for Amending the UK’s Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill

‘[I]n this day and age a right of access to a tribunal or other adjudicative mechanism established by the state is just as important and fundamental as a right of access to the ordinary courts.’ – Baroness Hale, R v Secretary of State for the Home Department ex parte Saleem [2001] 1 WLR 443, 458 […]

January 09

Kyle Jordaan: Damages against the Administrative State – The South African and Indian Experience

The design of appropriate remedies to cure harm occasioned by the administrative process has shown to be a perennial plague for the South African judiciary. Of the hurdles experienced includes the broader dilemma of whether private law or public law is to regulate a matter and thereafter provide redress. In particular, courts have displayed a […]

December 19

Administrative Law Digest

This post contains a roundup of recent developments (in and out of courts) and recent scholarship in the area of administrative law around the common law world. To submit content for our next update, please email us at alawblogorg@gmail.com. Judicial Developments in Administrative Law Australia: The High Court recently dismissed an application which sought to review […]

December 11

Administrative Law Digest

  Judicial Developments Australia: The Federal Court of Australia dismissed an application for judicial review against a decision made by the Assistant Minister for Home Affairs to revoke a delegate of the Minister’s decision to overturn the originally mandatory cancellation of the Applicant-Appellant’s migrant visa. The Court held that the Appellant had failed to prove […]